Gingerline's Grand Expedition brings sensory storytelling to London

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Gingerline is a London-based events company whose reputation stands somewhere between “famous” and “notorious”. Taking the marriage of food and theatre to new extremes, Gingerline have put on some of the most critically acclaimed immersive dining events in the capital. Now, they return with the Grand Expedition - a riotous aeronautical tour of Earth with some of the world’s wackiest entertainment.

All the dining and theatre takes place in one room and while the journey isn’t physical, you are transported to faraway lands via a sensory experience. For anyone interested in illustration, animation or videography, the Grand Expedition will make for an inspiring evening.

Credit: Gingerline

Cartoons come to life, the characters are the most important part of the evening. The actors are truly incredible and successfully mimic the languages of various countries. They also encourage diners to get involved - whether purely in the name of fun or to help out in some way.

The food isn’t haute cuisine and the generous portion sizes were very welcome. The courses form five authentic gastronomical samplings of different cultures. The music and theatre combine to create the sense that, no matter how confusing, you are genuinely part of a narrative.

Credit: Gingerline

The service is fun and friendly (and luckily, those actually serving your food and drinks will happily speak to you in plain English). Furthermore, the theme spills out into the bar and beyond. The lengths the set designers have gone to is astounding.

As is always the case with Gingerline, there are only so many details that I am permitted to divulge. However, the Grand Expedition's crowning achievements are undoubtedly its immaculate worldbuilding and enchanting storytelling.

Tickets for Gingerline’s Grand Expedition start from £60 ($78) and are currently available for dates starting in May