Greggs launches new vegan steak bake

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It has been an absolutely whirlwind few months in the overcrowded world of food and drink products.

Of course, Christmas is largely to blame for the frankly overwhelming torrent of new weird and wonderful delicacies that have hit shelves recently.

Aldi released a plethora of festive fare, including a giant two-metre long pig in blanket, a candy cane gin liqueur and a Harry Potter advent calendar. How's that for Christmas cheer?

Watch Piers Morgan try a vegan sausage roll before spitting it out:

Meanwhile, a Grinch-themed holiday cookie emerged from Nestlé Toll House, and even the Coca Cola company got involved with festive takes on two beverage flavours.

But that was then, and this is now.

The year is 2020, and it's fair to say that the landslide of new food products has slowed somewhat. Now, I say somewhat because literally in the space of the last two days we've had news of a brand new raspberry creme Kit Kat flavour, which is being released ahead of Valentine's Day. And now, bakery chain Greggs has announced the arrival of a vegan steak bake, to much fanfare.

That's right, after months of speculation and intrigue, it has finally been confirmed that vegan steak bakes are very much a thing of the present.

The Mirror even reports that excited shoppers have been causing huge queues at Greggs locations, in anticipation of the vegan steak bake.

And early reviews of the tasty morsel are very promising:

Though, suffice to say, Piers Morgan was less impressed with the news:

Per the Metro, the vegan steak bake will be available in 1,300 shops today, priced at £1.55. on January 16, an additional 700 branches will begin to offer the vegan bake.

So what do you think? Will you be getting your hands on a vegan steak bake? It looks like if you're planning to, you'll be one of very, very many indeed.

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