Hendrick's Lunar Gin Fizz Punch

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This refreshing yet dazzling Lunar Fizz Punch is the perfect sharing cocktail to celebrate the Waxing Gibbous Moon. We feel a fullness of energy in this lunar phase as the Moon’s energy is almost at its peak (we hope you’re as excited for the full moon as we are!) So what better way than to get some Hendrick’s Lunar Gin, grapefruit juice, some fizz and your nearest and dearest together and honour the Lunar phase in style.


To create the Lunar Fizz Punch for you and your loved ones:

  1. Take your punch bowl and fill with block ice.
  2. Then add 300ml of Hendrick’s Lunar Gin to the bowl
  3. Follow this with 200ml of fresh grapefruit juice
  4. Add in the 100ml of fresh lemon juice, followed by 100ml of sugar syrup.
  5. Add in another few blocks of ice and gently stir
  6. Then top up with your bottle of sparkling wine (750ml) 
  7. To add some sparkle, add a teaspoon of edible pearl dust and some edible flowers (optional) 
  8. Serve in a champagne coupe & enjoy


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