Homemade 'mini croissant' cereal is the internet's favourite new breakfast treat

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Apart from the birth of the “Sour-bros” and everyone’s obsession with the limitless potential of the slow cooker, lockdown cooking has been dominated by home cooks turning pastry into breakfast cereal. First, there were pancakes. Then came the waffles. Now, following the natural patisserie progression, social media is starting to be dominated by miniature croissant cereal bowls. Bon appetit. 

The new trend, which has proved incredibly popular on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, is every bit as kitsch as the other decorative food trends that have dominated the lockdown conversation. In most recipes, a pre-made puff pastry base is cut into mini triangles, before being rolled up and baked. The result is a tray-load of perfectly formed tiny croissants, ready for a splash of milk. 

Much like the other mini cereal recipes that have proved so popular across social media, the croissants can be easily customised according to your preference. Some recipes have kept things relatively simple, preferring to let the buttery pastries speak for themselves. Others have included tasty garnishes such as sliced strawberries and syrup. 

Check out our epically indulgent Croque Croissant Lasagna recipe:

One particularly popular and decadent TikTok recipe suggestion features a mix of mini croissants, Biscoff cookie butter and Nutella, making your morning bowl look more like a sundae than the most important meal of the day. 

Understandably for a recipe that combines several of the planet’s favourite things about breakfast, reaction to the trend has been almost universally positive. Commenting under one of the more popular posts, one Instagrammer wrote, “Now this I can get on board with”. Another declared, “Step aside pancake cereal”.

It remains to be seen whether croissant cereal is a flash in the pan or here to stay. What’s beyond doubt, however, is that if you want to wake up to something a little on the indulgent side, there are definitely worse options available.