Homemade 'pancake cereal' is the internet's favourite new breakfast

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There are few things more infuriating than bleary-eyed breakfast indecision. If you have a larder-load of bacon, cereal, porridge, bagels and pastry, trying to pick one over another can feel like being asked to decide which puppy you’d like to execute. 

However, while putting every delicious breakfast option into a blender and hoping for the best is probably a recipe for disaster, a few clever cooks have come up with a way to combine two of the most popular choices in one bowl. Say goodbye to agonising over Aunt Jemima and Cap’n Crunch - homemade pancake cereal has arrived. 

The trend, which has exploded in popularity since we all suddenly found ourselves with untold hours to kill in the kitchen, is one of those ideas that’s so brilliantly simple, you can’t believe no one had thought of it before. 

In its most basic form, the dish involves preparing a tray of miniature American-style pancakes, topped with a drizzle of golden syrup and served in a cereal bowl. Other variants involve adding a knob of butter, as well as fruits such as blueberries.

Why not try them with our Red Velvet Pancake recipe:

Perhaps the most notable example of the new trend was produced by popular food influencer “The Naughty Fork”, who shared a video of the dish being created on Instagram. Within minutes, the clip was inundated with excited comments. One user wrote, “This is giving me LIFE right now,” and another enthusiastically added, “Soo flippin cute!”

Though there are definite downsides to browsing the internet for inspiration, there’s no denying that there are some seriously cool creative dishes to be found. For anyone whose breakfasts have been looking a little stale, this pancake twist could be the perfect remedy.