Hooters is giving away free wings to all singles for Valentine's Day

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If you happen to be flying solo in mid-February, the looming prospect of Valentine’s Day can quickly become extremely irritating. Aside from the irrepressible appearance of smug bears, sickly chocolates and oversized hearts, the bombardment of lovestruck couples and general bonhomie is seriously grating when the weather’s miserable and you’re feeling slightly fluey. 

Restaurants, it seems, have recognised this. All across the food sector, savvy businesses are making a point of doing their bit to coax singletons away from the sofa and into the dining room. Perhaps unsurprisingly, infamously tacky wing-emporium Hooters is leading the charge.

Chicken wings in a bowl Credit: Pixabay

As part of a new February promotion, the restaurant is offering free orders of boneless wings to anyone who brings in a photo of their ex to be put through a shredder. Those taking part will receive 10 of the wings, as well as a warm sense of well being for finally getting the closure they deserve. If there was any doubt that the relationship was over, it certainly will be once you feed their face into an industrial-strength paper muncher.

Check out our recipe for Bacon and Mozzarella-Stuffed Chicken Wings:

A description of the promotion on the Hooters website provides a little more information, stating: 

“You need your ex's photo like you need a kidney stone. Get rid of it now by answering a few quick questions. We'll help you choose the most satisfying method of disposal, so the healing can begin. And because it's time you got yourself an upgrade, we'll throw in a chance at a premium Bumble subscription.”

As per Thrillist, if for some reason you feel uncomfortable about the prospect of spending Valentine’s Day alone, scoffing free wings in Hooters, there is a more private alternative available. Customers can also digitally upload the photos to have them “shredded” online, and receive a coupon for the wings. It might not be as physically satisfying, but it’s the thought that counts.