It's now possible to order a bucket of mac and cheese at KFC

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It’s hard to say whether eating food from a bucket is a high or low moment in human evolution. On the one hand, there is something distinctly farmyard-y about gently browsing from a portable trough. On the other, we dare you to name a more efficient way to get crispy chicken from the fryer to your face. 

Even though food buckets have been around for ages, fans would argue that we haven’t really made use of their full potential. Yes, some restaurants are stuffing them with enough chicken to feed several families, but if you don’t like poultry, the bucket doesn’t really offer you much. Fortunately, bucket pioneers KFC now seem to be expanding their horizons beyond birds. 

According to a recent post on social media, one lucky customer has managed to persuade The Colonel’s representatives to present him with an entire bucket of mac ‘n’ cheese. Notorious TikToker itsallenferrell has built a reputation on outlandish fast food orders, but this stunt really took it to the next level, providing proof that your wildest mac ‘n’ cheese dreams can be fulfilled if you’re prepared to think outside the box. 

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In the video, which has been seen over 6.2 million times on TikTok alone, itsallenferrell can be seen heading to a KFC drive-thru, before bartering with the bemused server and eventually receiving his bucket. The entire stunt set him back just $21, including taxes, which seems like a small price to pay for such a massive mountain of pasta. 

Unsurprisingly, hundreds of itsallenferrell’s 1.4 million followers were quick to comment. One wrote, “If that was $21 I’m getting one too,” while another added, “How was that only $21 when a small Mac and cheese is worth $4”. 

However, despite all the excitement, it’s unknown whether this dish would be widely available at other KFCs around the country. Even if it isn’t official, there’s certainly no harm in asking. After all, where else can you enjoy a bucket of mac ‘n cheese?