Jack Daniel's has made pre-mixed Jack and Cola bottles

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You’ve not really been clubbing until you’ve drunk something sticky, slightly caffeinated and dangerously alcoholic at about three in the morning in a dingy corner of the dancefloor. There’s a reason why, for all the changing fads around the cocktail menu, Whisky and Coke is the constant that gets us through innumerable miserable nights out. 

Jack Daniel’s knows this. That is why the world’s most popular bourbon distiller has decided to take the classic cocktail formula and preprepare it to perfection. The result is “Black Jack” whisky and cola bottles.

Part of the brand’s Country Cocktails range, the new drink is designed to be the perfect accompaniment to a summer barbecue. As the product’s listing on Walmart states:

“Jack Daniel's Black Jack Cola Malt Beverage is the ideal drink to add to any party, gathering, picnic, barbecue and more. It will add a tasty alcoholic beverage to your next get-together that everyone will love.

Why not try these Four New Amsterdam Summer Football Cocktails:

“These Jack Daniel's Country Cocktails combine the classic taste of the soft drink and the famous whiskey with a lemon-lime twist. It is available in a 6-pack of 10-oz bottles for all to enjoy. This Black Jack Whiskey Cola contains 9.6 proof alcohol and is a refreshing take on a Tennessee tradition. It is designed for consumers looking for a premium quality brand and the convenience of a ready-to-drink beverage.”

As per Walmart, each six-pack costs around $6.50, though prices may vary depending on location, and has around 4.8% ABV. 

For cocktail fans unenthused by the prospect of pre-mixed whisky and cola, the rest of the Country Cocktails range may be more suitable. Also included is “Southern Peach”, “Watermelon Punch” and “Cherry Limeade” - all made with an infusion of Jack Daniels. Now there’s no excuse not to get the party started.