Java chip coffee-flavoured Oreos are now a thing

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Cookies might not currently be the most popular choice for first thing in the morning, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a seat at the breakfast table. After all, cereal is already plenty sweet enough to make our inner five-year-old bounce off the walls with excitement - why shouldn’t we just dive straight into a bag of Chips Ahoy?

To help bridge the current gap between cookies and generally acceptable breakfast options, one of the biggest names in the business has decided to launch a delicious new mash-up. Combining morning coffee with sweet treats, Oreo has unveiled an all-new “Java Chip” flavour, featuring coffee creme studded with chocolate chips. If that doesn’t get you out of bed, nothing will. 

The exciting new flavour was first teased on Instagram by popular snack poster Candy Hunting. Though the account didn’t reveal any specifics regarding the release date, they did confirm that the cookies will be out “very soon”, adding, “They have coffee flavoured creme with chocolatey chips! You heard it here first!”

Despite the scant details, the internet was seriously excited about the prospect of a new coffee Oreo. The original Candy Hunting post has received over 8,000 likes, with various commenters declaring “I can’t tell you how amped I am for this,” and, “The best news I've gotten all day.”

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If you can’t wait for the as yet unknown release date for a coffee cookie, there is currently a way to scratch your sugary itch. Earlier this year, Oreo unveiled both “Tiramisu” and “Latte Creme Fudge” flavours, the latter of which is available as a slightly smaller “Thins” cookie.

The Latte Creme flavour has received particular praise from coffee lovers, with one Instagrammer declaring, “They smell so much like coffee even with the fudge coating and they melt in your mouth real good as you chew.” Given their track record in the coffee department, hopes are understandably high that the Java Chip treats will deliver the goods.