Jelly Belly's new beans are so hot that there's a warning on the label

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In ordinary circumstances, Jelly Beans are about as threatening as a small fluffy rabbit. But, as we learned from the inimitable Monty Python And The Holy Grail, small fluffy rabbits can still be dynamite. 

Ideal for anyone who likes to enjoy their candy with the added fear factor, The Jelly Belly Candy Company has come up with a way of turning snack time into spicy Russian roulette.

BeanBoozled Fiery Five Credit: Jelly Belly Candy Company

Anyone who enjoys an injection of spice with their sugar can now tuck into a lethal line-up of chili pepper-infused Jelly Beans, ranging from relatively mild to volcanic. Beans and milk aren’t a popular combo, but for this, we’ll make an exception.

Dubbed the Bean Boozled: Fiery Five Challenge, the collection is unlike any other member of the Jelly Belly family. Each pack provides beans flavored with sriracha, jalapeno, cayenne, habanero, and Carolina Reaper - and they are so hot that the box even comes with its own warning label. 

Check out the beans being eaten below:

In a press release provided to publicize the launch, Rob Swaigen, Vice President of Global Marketing for Jelly Belly, revealed:

"Fans know that BeanBoozled is a game of risk, but Fiery Five is a whole new take on the game. Fiery Five is the next evolution of the BeanBoozled brand as it continues to push the boundaries of flavor and bravery. We want everyone to have a good time with BeanBoozled Fiery Five, but we recognize that some people may need to tap out as they move through the menu."

Check out this delicious recipe for a Giant Spicy Pepperoni Pizza Roll:

Although you could be forgiven for assuming that the Fiery Five is just a novelty, it’s clear that Jelly Belly has taken their task extremely seriously. Each bean in the challenge has been injected with a soft center made from actual chili purée - guaranteeing that the heat is very real.

As Luz Osbun, research and development manager for Jelly Belly Candy Company, explained:

"The element of heat added a unique challenge for our flavor team to solve. We had to consider not only how to balance the vegetative notes in the flavor with the heat, but also how that heat presents itself and builds over time. Jalapeño has a sharp build and a quick fade, while Carolina Reaper builds quickly and stays hot for a while after. Our jelly bean versions for Fiery Five had to act like the real thing."

It might be less relaxing than your typical bowl of candy, but sometimes we all need an element of danger.

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