Kellogg's has created a Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops mash-up box

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Some say you haven’t properly experienced breakfast until you’ve tried a cereal salad. While the great sugary bounty of the cereal aisle if full of uniquely wondrous options, things kick up another level when you start mixing and matching yourself. That bowl of Crunchy Nut feeling a little one-note? Your Coco Pops starting to look a little samey? Stop listening to what “The Man” wants you to have in your bowl and make it up yourself!

In ordinary circumstances, this sort of early morning alchemy is only ever an option if you have more than one cereal box in the house. However, thanks to a release from the creative geniuses at Kellogg’s, cereal salad fans can now sit back and let someone else do the work. For the first time, the company is selling pre-mixed Froott Loop and Frosted Flakes mash-ups. 

The combination, which has long been a favourite among fans of the DIY bowl blend, is set to be officially released in June, though exact details on when and where remain sketchy. The new box, featuring a half-and-half Tony Tiger and Toucan Sam design, also reveals that the flavour is set to be a limited edition, possibly as a trial run to test out popularity. 

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Understandably, official sanctioning of a practise that many cereal fans have been doing for years has prompted an outpouring of support. Commenting under a snap of the cereal from CandyHunting, one Instagrammer wrote, “Now all the kids that were only allowed to open one box of cereal at a time can live their best life.” Another added, “is it wrong ive been doing this for years? Mashing different cereals together.”

Several other social media users took the release as a cue to share their own favourite blends. One declared, “I always like to mix cheerios with rice krispies. I'm gonna pass on the fruit loops and flakes tho,” while a second revealed, “I’m eating frosted flakes X Lucky charms rn.”

Many fans will be hoping that having this cereal combination available, if only a limited time, could ultimately help open the floodgates to all sorts of other interesting creations. If it proves a success, there’s no telling how many mash-ups might follow suit.