KFC has created a new secret mozzarella-stuffed double down sandwich

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To all but the truly dedicated, fast food secret menus can feel slightly gimmicky. Do you really need to stuff a chicken inside beef before covering the whole thing in peanut butter, when there’s a perfectly delicious bacon burger already available? Sometimes, you just need to know when enough is enough. 

However, just because some secret menus can sound about as appetising as a 10-course tasting menu curated by a sugar-loving eight-year-old doesn’t mean that they never have anything to offer. Case in point, the latest creation from the fried chicken masters at KFC Australia. 

Following on from the blueprint laid down by the chain’s wildly popular double-down sandwich (which notoriously employed two chicken breasts in place of bread buns), KFC has upped the indulgent ante once again. Available exclusively on the Australian hidden menu, customers can now tuck into a $12 “Zinger Mozzarella Double”, stuffed with a gooey deep-fried cheese patty, bacon and squirts of mayo and tomato sauce. Set your faces to yum. 

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Anyone who keeps regularly up to date with the comings and goings on the KFC menu knows that this isn’t the first time a cheesy double down has featured. Earlier this year, KFC Singapore sent fans wild with its own version of the mozzarella-stuffed Zinger snack - except this iteration was served without bacon. Clearly, the Aussie powers that be thought it needed a porky upgrade. 

According to a report from The Daily Mail, the exciting sandwich can only be bought through the franchise’s app, which features a not-so-secret secret menu tab allowing you to pre-order for pick up. This means that enjoying a Zinger Mozarella Double might require more planning than your usual fried chicken binge. 

To make matters even more exciting for KFC fans, the mozzarella-stuffed treat isn’t the only new dish on the secret menu. If fried cheese doesn’t take your fancy, you can also enjoy a “Triple Stacker” fillet burger, featuring three chicken fillets in a fluffy bun, or a “Zinger Chipster” wrap stuffed with a fried chicken strip and a fistful of French fries. We might need to revise our opinion of secret menus after this news.