KFC is selling taco shells made of fried chicken

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Tortillas are all well and good, but who can honestly say they would choose corn over fried chicken? In fact, if we were living in a world where balance and nutrition weren’t an issue, wouldn’t we rather replace all breads, wraps and buns with something battered and crispy?

Fortunately, the test of tortilla vs chicken no longer has to be hypothetical. Thanks to the twisted geniuses at KFC Singapore, bland floppy tacos are a thing of the past with the introduction of the deliciously demented “Kentaco”. Featuring a marinated fried chicken shell and a cheesy filling, this dish is everything you’ve wanted from fast food but were too afraid to ask for. 

Served in an ergonomic cardboard holder, the Kentaco is every bit as outrageous as its premise suggests. According to a description on the KFC Singapore account:

“(The) #KFCkentaco is a better taco with 100% finger lickin’ good chicken shell, stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, and a robust mix of flavours from 4 different cheese - Emmental, Romano, Cheddar and Mozzarella.”

Reminiscent of the now-notorious Double Down - which famously replaced burger buns with chicken fillets - the Kentaco is a gamechanger for Tex Mex mashups everywhere. 

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Of course, fast-foods will know that this isn’t the first time chicken has attempted to dethrone traditional tortillas. Taco Bell famously caused a stir with the introduction of the similarly barmy Naked Chicken Chalupa, although its version lacked the Colonel’s secret blend of herbs and spices. How the two stack up against each other promises to be one of the year’s big debates. 

Before hungry chicken fans start scaling the walls of their nearest KFC, it’s worth bearing in mind that the dish seems to currently only available in Singapore. According to Today Online, customers can pick it up for just $5.95 by itself and $7.95 as part of a meal. Whether that’s worth the flight to Southeast Asia is up to you. We know where we stand. See you at the airport.