KFC launches giant 80-piece popcorn chicken bucket

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Fried chicken fans are about to find themselves in bite-sized heaven, with the news that one of the biggest franchises on the planet has decided to raise the fast-food stakes for everyone.

Gone are the days when a 20 McNugget Share Box was the pinnacle of late-night poultry bingeing. Thanks to Colonel Sanders and his team at KFC, we can now buy buckets that have more pieces of popcorn than an Odeon bin liner. 

Check out what happened after this guy ate nothing but KFC for an entire week:

In a move that will infuriate rivals and delight chicken lovers, KFC has unveiled a brand new 80-piece popcorn chicken bucket in the UK.

Per the KFC website, they describe the deal as: "80 Pieces of our infamous 100% chicken breast Popcorn Chicken. A fun, bite-sized sharing meal that deserved its own bucket."

Credit: PA Images

Retailing for just £5.99, the new item is cheaper than several of the restaurant’s big sellers, including their signature Zinger meal. Considering that it could potentially cater to an entire squadron of hungry diners/one very hungover student, that sounds like a pretty good deal. 

Unsurprisingly, many people have taken to Twitter to express their delight at such a huge amount of chicken for such a low price:

The only condition customers should be aware of is that you must be signed up to the KFC app and the loyalty scheme - the Colonel's Club - in order to get your soon-to-be finger lickin' fingers on the bucket.

KFC also recommends sharing the bucket between four people... Yeah. Sure.

The mega meal was trialed at "10 restaurants in Glasgow" in October last year, and clearly proved popular enough to be rolled out nationwide. 

But if you want to enjoy this fried feast, you have to be fast, as the official KFC website states that the deal will only be available until March 22.

This article first appeared on VT.co