KFC releases bucket hat that could also be used to hold your chicken

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Clothing lines are all about collaborating with with big-name brands right now. For example, Nike recruited Stranger Things to help them design a new line of sneakers and sweatpants, and Reebok collaborated with Toy Story to create some Woody and Buzz shoes. But it is not just television and movie series getting all the attention from clothing brands anymore.

Russian label Mam Cupy is now selling bucket hats with serious KFC themes. The Saint-Petersburg based company partnered with the fast-food chain to create a seriously cool wide-brimmed cap to keep the sun out of your eyes all summer long.

Credit: Mam Cupy

Their newest apparel item features Kentucky Fried Chicken's famous red and white stripes. The front of the hat has an embroidered image of Colonel Sanders, the restaurant's logo. But here's the fun catch: he is upside-down. This way, when you want to use your head cover as a bucket for your fried chicken, you can look the man straight in the eye.

Credit: Mam Cupy

Mam Cupy includes their own branding on the back of the bucket hat, also in upside-down font. They also subtly do so on the fun accessory's side eyelets. After all, you can't give Colonel Sanders too much credit.

Credit: Mam Cupy

KFC Russia's promotional video for the item features several fun looks. Subtitles on the bottom of the screen alternate between "is it a hat?" and "or a bucket?" several times before ending with "I don't know ... but I like it." And I agree. Why can't we have both?

The KFC x Mam Cupy Bucket Hat released on Tuesday (July 9), and you can buy it on Mam Cupy's website for $29 (though it might be difficult to navigate their web page if you don't speak Russian or have a good translator app).

Credit: Mam Cupy

Because of this, I can't tell you whether or not the company ships internationally. But if you figure it out, and they do, please let me know. This is the icing on the cake to any summer outfit.

This article was originally published on vt.co