KFC wants its biggest fan to eat chicken and be the face of its next campaign

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It's time to hand in your notice, because everybody's dream job has just opened up.

KFC is on the lookout for their biggest fan to become the new face of the fried chicken brand. Are you finger-lickin' good? Do you dream of the Colonel's 11 herbs and spice? Have you ever eaten KFC's biggest bucket of chicken to yourself and not felt an ounce of shame? Well, this could be your opportunity to get in touch with Sanders.

This guy ate nothing but KFC for a week - I reckon he's in with a shot:

Writing on their official UK and Ireland Twitter account, the fast-food giants write:

"Have you ever caught yourself licking your fingers and thought to yourself "I'd look decent doing that on a billboard"?

"Well friend, have we got a job opportunity for you. Tweet us with #kfcfryerme one good reason why we should hire you for to be our next finger lickin' model!"

The tweet was accompanied by a poster titled "KFC NEEDS YOU", followed by the following job description (prepare yourself for chicken puns):

"There's room in the coop... we're searching for KFC's biggest fan to be the face of our next campaign and finger lick their way to fame...

"KFC are on the hunt for a professional finger licker! Yes - One clucky fan will get the chance to tuck into some of Kentucky's finest, winging their way to stardom as the face of the chicken legend's latest campaign. The winning KFC connoisseur will take part in an exclusive photoshoot showcasing their finger lickin skills.

"If they think they fit the beak, then hopefuls should tweet KFC (in no more than 280 characters!) with one good reason why the colonel should choose them for this world first one day finger lickin'-ternship.

"The clucky applicant will see their face in lights with their photo showcased in a restaurant and on their very own dedicated billboard.

"Be sure to use #KFCfryerme and tag @KFC_UKI"

Check out some of our favorite entries so far:

Entrants must be United Kingdom residents aged eighteen and over, and all hopefuls need to make sure their Twitter accounts are set to public.

If you think you're the fried chicken fan the Colonel is looking for, you better get your application in quick, because entries close on March 8!

This article originally appeared on VT.co