KFC's Twitter account has started savaging home cooks' attempts at fried chicken

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The coronavirus crisis has, among other things, helped bring out a sense of community many didn’t know we had. Aside from the occasional social distancing flouter, there’s a growing feeling that, for better or worse, we are all in this together. However, just because many of us are trying to be supportive doesn’t mean that everyone is on board. 

In an attempt to both vent their frustration at being unable to cook and channel their inner Gordon Ramsay, KFC UK’s Twitter account has turned suddenly savage. Instead of the usual sandwich pics and promotions, the brand has taken to lambasting home cook’s various attempts to recreate their favourite fried chicken. Clearly, the shut down is having a more dramatic effect on some than others. 

Using the new RateMyKFC hashtag, the company is offering cooks the chance to go head to head against fellow fans, sharing photos of their various chicken attempts on Twitter. Each entry is then subject to severe scrutiny from the KFC account runners. The results aren’t always pretty. 

For instance, an “attempt at chicken, strips, beans and gravy from a while ago” was dubbed a 6/10, accompanied with a withering putdown, declaring:

“The chicken on the bone looks like you’ve played with a jacket potato like it’s a Stretch Armstrong and that gravy is a suspicious colour.”

Another would be chef was told in no uncertain terms that “Carole cluckin' Baskin wouldn't even feed this to her tigers. 4/10.”

However, despite dishing out the sort of burns you’d only expect to see in an overcooked bargain bucket, KFC hasn’t been universally horrible. In fact, the account recently shared a snapshot of their top four entries, all ranging from an “8” to a “9.5” out of 10. It just goes to show that, if you back yourself, social media glory could still await.