Krispy Kreme is selling a new pumpkin spice cinnamon roll doughnut

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As surely as summer turns to Autumn, every September sees dozens of pumpkin spice-flavoured treats flood the market. What started out as a Starbucks fall fad has now become a global phenomenon, forcing almost every food company to offer something pumpkin-y, or else apparently be bankrupt by Christmas. 

With so many businesses shoehorning pumpkin spice into their recipes, it follows that autumnal dishes can wildly veer between delicious and dubious. Ask anyone who has ever eaten a forkful of pumpkin spice SPAM whether the flavour is always a welcome inclusion, and you’ll soon realise that some foods can do without. Fortunately for pastry fans, the latest offer from the world’s biggest doughnut maker shows that there is still plenty of pumpkin spice potential. 

As part of an exciting new range for 2020, Krispy Kreme has unveiled an all-new pumpkin spice cinnamon roll doughnut. According to the website, the treat features:

“Our classic Original Glazed Doughnut spiced to perfection, tossed in pumpkin spice sugar blend and topped with a cream cheese icing and cinnamon schmear swirl.”

If it’s half as tasty as it sounds, summer can’t end soon enough. Put us down for a dozen. 

Try these delicious Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Rolls:

Although every autumn heralds the onset of pumpkin spice season, Krispy Kreme seem to be taking things extra seriously this year. In addition to the tempting-sounding cinnamon roll doughnut, the chain is also offering pumpkin spice Original, Cake, and Cheesecake doughnuts, proving that you can never have too much pumpkin. 

Perhaps most exciting for Krispy Kreme fans is the return of 2019’s cheesecake-filled ring. Although this doughnut proved incredibly popular during its limited run last year, it didn’t do enough to earn a permanent spot on the Krispy Kreme roster. Fans will be hoping that they can get a proper taste this time around.