Krispy Kreme releases Gingerbread Glazed donuts just in time for Christmas

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The good folk over at Krispy Kreme are no strangers to a themed product unveiling.

In recent times they've treated us to special collaborations and spooky Halloween-themed donuts, and now they're wading into the chaotic fray of the Christmas food and drink market.

This year has been an undeniably colossal one in the world of festive fare, with particular big hitters from Aldi (see their Harry Potter advent calendar, candy cane gin liqueur and two-metre long pig in blanket for proof), Grinch-inspired cookies, and much much more.

Check out our very own Gingerbread skillet cookie recipe:

But if you're still hankering after something a little different to chow down on while you're unwrapping the gifts 'neath the tree this year, then fear not, because Krispy Kreme has got your back.

That's right, the donut giant is releasing a delicious-sounding Gingerbread Glazed flavour just in time for Christmas. And they look incredible.

We spotted the news on popular treat Instagram page Candy Hunting. They wrote;

"Gingerbread Glazed and Gingerbread Original Filled Cheesecake doughnuts are out now through December 24 at Krispy Kreme!"

Meanwhile, over on the official Krispy Kreme Instagram page, the marketing campaign centres around helping the "Gingerbread People". Their post reads;

"The #GingerbreadPeople are coming back, and asking for YOUR help! ? This year, enojy our Gingerbread #Glazed #Doughnuts from December 16 - 24...and save the Gingerbread People! ?? Participating US & CAN shops ONLY! All info found at link in bio."

Even more excitingly, this year Krispy Kreme is treating us all to a new flavour, the Gingerbread Cheesecake variety. Boasting the same recipe as the Gingerbread Glazed but with a delectable cheesecake kreme, they sound mouthwatering good.

The donuts are available through December 24, so you've got just over a week to get your hands on one... Or several. It's what Santa Claus would want.

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