LA restaurant offering "Emergency Taco Kits" with 60 tacos and toilet paper

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Some foods are clearly more well-equipped to deal with a crisis than others. In times of hardship, few foodies are going to be flocking to their nearest three Michelin-starred fine-dining institution. What we really need is something straightforward, handheld and guaranteed to improve our mood. 

Fortunately for the citizens of Los Angeles, one restaurant has decided to take the job of catering for coronavirus incredibly seriously. Specialising in killer tacos with a Californian twist, Guerilla Tacos in downtown LA is offering citizens the chance to stock up on tasty supplies while they still can in the form of all-new “Emergency Taco Kits.” 

Providing generous quantities of your favourite Mexican staples, the kits don’t come cheap. However, for $155, you can enjoy 5lbs of roast chicken, 5lbs of carne asada, red and green salsas, tortillas, onion, coriander, rice and beans, and eggs. Every box also comes with four rolls of toilet paper. What’s not to love?

Check out our recipe for the Ultimate Taco Platter:

Obviously, tucking into such a vast quantity of tacos could feel intimidating for anyone who doesn’t want to feel wasteful. Fortunately, Guerilla has provided a handy FAQ for anyone worried not being able to eat 60 tacos in one sitting. As they explain, “The meats will keep well in the freezer for up to 3 weeks, so there’s plenty of time to spread the taco load.

Preempting concerns over why they might have access to so many eggs and toilet rolls, the restaurant has also explained:

“We’re thankful to have many friends in the Los Angeles restaurant community who are selling us their supplies while they remain closed.  In addition, large restaurant distributors who did not predict the pandemic are sitting on large bulk of eggs.

When it comes to loo-rolls, Guerilla Tacos added, “We’re a busy restaurant with three bathrooms, so we buy in bulk.”

Understandably, a $155 taco-spree may still feel extremely excessive for many in the current climate. The restaurant also lists a cheaper $52 “Sweet Potato Taco Kit” containing 5lbs of sweet potatoes on its website, as well as images of “Margarita” and “Coffee” kits on its Instagram. These might be unprecedented times for the industry, but there are still plenty of ways to enjoy some delicious food.