Leftover Thanksgiving Hacks

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Thanksgiving French Toast


  1. Assemble all your favourite thanksgiving leftovers between two pieces of sturdy bread and dip in French toast mix.
  2. Fry until cooked through and delicious!

Leftover Meatfeast Swirl Buns

  1. Use cinnamon roll dough and roll up leftover turkey and stuffing with cranberry sauce to make a scrummy sweet/tart meat feast!

Turkey Tacos

  1. What it says on the tin.

Ham & Brie Hedgehog Bread

  1. Use up a stale loaf and leftover festive ham for this post Thanksgiving party centrepiece.

Sweet Potato Quesadilla

  1. Mash together sweet potatoes and fold in all your favourite leftovers with some stringy cheese to make these super easy snacks.

Ultimate Leftover Pizza

  1. Pizza base, tomato sauce, cranberry sauce - seems weird but trust us, you're going to love it.

Mash Bombs

  1. Freeze gravy and wrap with leftover mashed potatoes then bread and deep fry - you'll never see mash the same was again.