Little Caesars new half-and-half cheesy breadstick pizza drops today

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It’s an unspoken rule of pizza-eating that the appetisers are often better than the main event. Anyone who’s ever stopped themselves from fully enjoying cheesy bread and chicken bits before the main course, only to be disappointed by a floppy, scantily topped slice knows that striking the right balance between starters and the rest of the meal can be tricky. 

Fortunately for those who enjoy having their bouche amused, American chain Little Caesars may have come up with a cunning solution. Starting today, customers will be able to get their hands on a brand new 50/50 cheesy breadstick pizza, combining half a pie with an eight-piece selection of everyone’s favourite pre-’za snack. Problem solved. 

Credit: Little Caesar's

According to a press release heralding the launch, “Slices-N-Stix combines four pepperoni pizza slices and 8 cheese bread sticks in one pizza, plus a side of Crazy Sauce.” Although the ingredients of Crazy Sauce remain a mystery, the red colour suggests a tomato or chilli base - perfect for generous crust dunking. 

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Available for just $6, the new design could be incredibly popular with diners looking for a straightforward, single-box meal, without worrying about additional side orders. It will certainly stop anyone from worrying about filling up too quickly, since the starters are literally a part of the pie itself. 

Speaking enthusiastically before the new dish hit stores, Jeff Klein, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, declared:

"What's better than your favorite foods? Getting two of your favorites in one amazing combination. Half pizza plus half cheese bread sticks equals 100% awesomeness. It's the easiest decision you'll make this week."

Although the Slices-N-Stix pie is currently only set to be available for a limited period, time will tell whether it proves to be enough of a game-changer to make waves across the rest of the industry.