London pizzeria has created a five-cheese "fondue pizza"

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Apart from acting as the ultimate hangover blanket, proper pizza is the perfect vessel for cheese. All the toasties, taquitos and tortellini on the planet can’t beat the post-beer blues like a wedge of chewy dough and melted mozzarella. However, even if you’ve gone all-in on a sofa-bound XXXL Quattro Formaggio, there are still occasions where scratching that cheesy itch can seem impossible. Step forward, Pizza Pilgrims. 

The popular British restaurant chain has been a revelation in the London pizza scene, exploding across 11 separate sites throughout the city in next to no time. With an emphasis on getting back to Neapolitan basics, it’s easy to see why their formula has proved so popular. But, despite a menu-load of awesome options for the casual pizza-lover, it is their latest innovation that is really turning heads. 

Dubbed “La Fonduta”, the dish is part pizza, part massive dairy-loaded bread bowl, featuring a gooey centre stuffed with no less than five different types of cheese. The new “fondue” pizza takes its inspiration both from the synonymous Alpine centrepiece and the traditional Georgian khachapuri. The result is a cheese enthusiast’s wet dream. 

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The Fonduta is actually the result of a collaboration between Pizza Pilgrims and Camden-based cheese emporium “The Cheese Bar”, who, as the name implies, have something of a soft spot for the world of dairy. It was because of the two businesses’ obsession with Italian and British cheese that La Fonduta was born. 

As per The Evening Standard, the dish itself features a carefully balanced blend of Italian classics like mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan, as well as Cornish Gouda and Kingham from the Cotswolds, making the end result a properly cosmopolitan affair. 

A blend of smashed garlic and white wine is also added to the cheese mix, as well as a fistful of chopped cornichons, salty ham and sharp balsamic onions, all served inside a crust that has been expertly designed for tearing and dipping. It might be a little more hands-on than a typical dairy-heavy pie, but when the result sounds this delicious, you can’t really complain. 

Like all good things, the Fonduta is destined to be a fleeting affair. Reports indicate that it will only be available at Pizza Pilgrims from February 10th through to March 1st, though the £12 price tag promises to make it a popular option while it lasts. If ever there was a reason to part with just over a tenner, five types of melted cheese is surely it.