London restaurant is now offering "bottomless cheese"

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Whether it’s brunch, booze or soda, making anything bottomless automatically makes it more awesome - if, admittedly, way less practical. Provided your chosen venue isn’t horrible, spending the entire day eating or drinking the same delicious thing over and over again is many people’s idea of a party. 

Wolfing hastily prepared bagels and mimosas is one thing. Indulging in a day dedicated to the seductive powers of melted cheese is another matter entirely. Fortunately for anyone who feels the same way about dairy as they do about champagne-based cocktails, we may have found the ultimate bottomless offer for you. 

To celebrate the reopening of restaurants post-lockdown, London-based business the Cheese Bar have decided to throw all sense of moderation completely out of the window, allowing customers to enjoy “Bottomless Raclette” for just £9 per person. 

The dish, which takes its name from the perennially viral semi-circle of melted gooey Swiss cheese, will be available at the business’ Camden site, and features hot melted Ogleshield cheese, Cornish new potatoes, Crown & Queue Ham and cornichons. If you aren’t currently drooling over your desk, you should probably seek help. 

Check out this exclusive look Inside Camden's "The Cheese Bar":

Raclette sessions are now happening every Wednesday and are available for parties of one to six. According to the Cheese Bar website:

“You will have your table for 1.5 hours, which is The Cheese Bar's usual sitting duration for busy evenings.”

That’s 90 minutes to go completely nuts. 

Although the offer is limited to the Camden Market location, it isn’t the only enticing offer from the business. At their Seven Dials “Pick and Cheese” restaurant, customers can sample cheeses from across the country, all served on a handy conveyor belt. For anyone who prefers a little more moderation, this may be the ideal alternative.