London's "Modern Seafood Shack" serves epic lobster grilled cheese sandwiches

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Putting lobster in a grilled cheese is an easy way to irritate a lot of people. If done badly, you can simultaneously ruin one of the most luxurious ingredients on the market and one of the world’s great comfort foods. Some think that the risk isn’t worth it. If, however, you manage to pull it off, the results can be suitably spectacular. 

Such spectacle can be found at one of London’s most eclectic seafood specialists. A self-described “Modern seafood shack”, Slapfish is the perfect balance between traditional cookery and outrageous creativity. If you’re after familiar fishy favourites with an overindulgent twist, this is the place. 

Already a successful franchise in America, Slapfish’s first London outpost continues the brand’s ethos of taking “the fine dining mantra and put(ting) it into a fast-casual model.” The result is a menu full of fun, flavourful, Instagram-friendly dishes that all make seafood seem “sexy” again. The “Clobster Grilled Cheese” is the epitome of this attitude. 

To make the sandwich, the kitchen combines a “melting mix of lobster, crab and a creamy herb sauce” with chopped chives and cheese, before sealing between to chunks of white bread and grilling to a golden crisp. The final dish looks like a fast-food-deprived angler’s wet dream. 

Check out our recipe for Crispy Lobster Rolls with Lemon Mayo:

Aside from almost unfairly photogenic sarnie’s the Kentish Town-based kitchen also offers other spins on the classic lobster formula, with a “traditional lobster roll” for £14.95 and a slightly more cost-effective side of “lobster taquitos” for just £5.95. 

If Shellfish doesn’t tickle you, the menu also provides a range of other land and sea-based options, including fish tacos, poké bowls and chicken wraps - although, for our money, you’re best off going all-in on the shellfish. After all, how often is it that you get to enjoy lobster stuffed into a sandwich?