"Mac 'n' Cheese" Thanksgiving turkey is now a thing

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Controversial twists on traditional recipes are usually the reserve of slightly eccentric chefs. No one thinks twice about turning up to a Michelin starred restaurant to have one of their childhood favourites turned into a mousse. Where diners get slightly more suspicious is when the twist in question comes from a kitchenware company. It might still be tasty, but it begs the question of just who is responsible. 

One company that has forged a rep for out-there interpretations of classic dishes is tin-foil specialists “Reynolds Wrap”. Known for its aluminium accessories, the company’s website cheerfully proclaims, “We offer a variety of different cooking foil products to meet your various household needs.” But, behind the happy all-American messaging is a business intent on doing as many bizarre things to turkey as possible. 

Every year, Reynolds provides its customers with at least one outlandish Thanksgiving recipe, and 2019 is no different. For anyone looking to shake up their festive feast, Reynolds has provided a recipe for “Mac ‘n’ Cheese” roast turkey, featuring a cheesy seasoning from the mac maker of your choice. 

Check out this Thanksgiving prank using "pregnant" turkey:

The dish, which has unsurprisingly divided the internet, requires four boxes of ready-made mac ‘n’ cheese mix - two for the mac ‘n’ cheese itself and two for the powdery seasoning pouches. The recipe then calls for cooks to completely cover their bird in the cheese dust before wrapping the turkey in kitchen foil. When the bird is ready for service, the rest of the pre-prepared mac ‘n’ cheese should be added as a garnish. 

Although the idea has had conservative cooks (with two small “c’s”) recoiling in horror, this is far from the only occasion the Reynolds has pushed the turkey boat out. In previous years, the company has provided recipes for a “Glitter Turkey” - involving both “pearl dust” and “gum-tex tylose powder” - and perhaps most controversially “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Turkey”. Whether they taste any good is anyone’s guess, but they certainly make a statement.