Man claims to have cracked the formula for homemade Krispy Kreme doughnuts

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Now we’re all stuck staring at the same four walls, finding ways to get your favourite fast food fix can be tricky. Nipping out to itch an edible scratch is off the cards. If you want to be satisfied, you’re going to have to do it yourself. 

Thankfully for everyone who just can’t get through the week without a doughnut, one Australian man claims to have recreated the iconic Krispy Kreme code. In a TikTok post that has now been seen almost 800,000 times, Rob Nixon reveals how you can master the world’s most famous without leaving the house. If it works, it could be the pick me up we all need. 

Nixon, who runs the wildly popular Nicko’s Kitchen, specialises in recreating classic fast food dishes for his audience to make at home and has already produced videos for KFC popcorn chicken and McDonald’s McFlurries. However, it’s his Krispy Kreme doughnuts that have really caught everyone’s attention. 

To make the rings, Nixon advises combining milk, salt and butter in a jug, before microwaving for one minute. Next, add sugar, nutmeg and eggs, whisking to bring the mixture together. In a mixing bowl, add your eggy liquor, dried yeast, more sugar and self-raising flour, mixing until you get a sticky dough. 

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After leaving to rest for an hour, the dough should be kneaded briefly, before being rolled out and shaped into doughnuts. Each ring should be fried for a couple of minutes on each side, before being drained on a paper towel and covered with an icing made from icing sugar, water and vanilla. It’s that easy!

Given the nature of the platform, Nixon’s TikTok clip can be tricky to follow. Fortunately, he has also created a more user-friendly YouTube version to help you get to grips with those doughnuts as quickly as possible. If ever there was a time to master your favourite fast food recipes yourself, now is definitely it.