Man drives to 11 different Wendy's twice in one day to claim free nuggets

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Few foods inspire devotion quite like a hot bag of nuggets. As anyone who’s struggled through a city centre at 3:30 AM, only to be lured at the last minute like a hungry moth by the bright lights of a fast-food franchise, there are times when we all have an itch that only a nug can scratch. 

Obviously, now that the entire industry has been brought to its knees, those nugget cravings are even harder to satisfy responsibly. But, as the inadvisable actions of one Oregonian Twitter-user have recently proved, even in the face of a deadly pandemic, some people are still prepared to put their life on the line for battered chicken. 

On Friday, Twitterer and nug-thusiast “Skweezy Jibbs” decided to take advantage of a free nugget offer from all-American eatery Wendy’s in the most spectacular and foolhardy way imaginable. After the restaurant announced plans to provide a free 4-piece portion of nuggets at each of their drive-thru locations with no strings attached, “Skweezy” decided to throw caution to the wind and visit every restaurant in the Portland area, twice. The result was a carload of completely free chicken. 

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As Skweezy explained in a now-viral Tweet:

“times is tough so when i heard @wendys was givin out free 4 piece nuggs today i knew i had 2 HUSTLE i hit every damn wendys twice within 17 miles across 2 states it took 5 hours but now we eatin free 4 a week WHAT IT DOOOOOO”

Even though the terms of Wendy’s GroupNug promotion stipulated just one free portion per person, it looks like they were ultimately powerless to stop Skweezy’s quest for nuggets. 

However, despite being outthought by a determined nugget-lover, Wendy’s reaction suggests that they’re more impressed than anything else. As the brand wrote on Twitter in reply to Skweezy’s message, “That’s just straight up impressive ngl”. This may be something to bear in mind next time a fast food business offers a promotion with a gaping loophole.