Maryland restaurant created 'bumper tables' to help with social distancing

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In ordinary circumstances, a bumper car arena would be the last place on the planet you’d want to eat a meal. Anyone who’s ever been unexpectedly slammed by a cackling teenager knows that the frenetic free for all that is a bumper car battle is just about the least conducive environment for dining imaginable, short of an actual warzone. 

These, however, are not ordinary circumstances. As we all continue to take extraordinary and unprecedented measures to protect ourselves, one restaurant has been forced to do the unthinkable and turn to bumper cars for social distancing inspiration. The results are as hilarious as they are undeniably practical. 

At popular waterfront bar and grill “Fish Tales”, dining room tables have been thrown out the window, to be replaced with movable two-metre wide inflatable bumper tyres. The idea is that patrons can park themselves in the middle of the bumpers and move about the restaurant without ever breaking social distancing guidelines, and presumably causing collision chaos, if they see fit. 

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In an interview with CNN, restaurant owners Donna and Shawn Harman revealed that they had been considering commissioning the unusual designs for several weeks, before finally requesting them from “Event Revolution” - a production company owned by Donna’s cousin. 

Ultimately, they hope that the unusual design will not only hope their business to remain solvent as social distancing measures continue to be enforced, but that other restaurants may also be interested in purchasing their own bumper rings. 

Lockdown measures in Maryland are beginning to be loosened, with phase one of the State’s reopening plan allowing retail businesses, manufacturers, houses of worship, and personal service businesses like barbers and hair salons are able to operate with limited capacity. A restaurant built like a dodgem attraction, but in the current crisis, businesses are will to do whatever it takes.