Maya Jama talks hangovers, sleep deprivation and the secret dish that cures it all

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Maya Jama knows how to have a good time – being one of the UK's most popular and instantly recognisable personalities.

Unfortunately for The Duchess actress, even successful 26-year-old presenters can't escape the clutches of a hangover. Everyone needs their go-to hangover cure.

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This is where Twisted comes in.

As part of our Hangin' With series, Jama reveals her favourite hangover food, how she recovers after a heavy night and her top tips for eating your way out of trouble.

Maya Jama Maya Jama reveals her ultimate hangover dish (Credit: Alamy/Rich Gold)

Hangin' With Maya Jama

We meet Jama at the exclusive Cove Beach resort in Dubai. Despite the hot weather and the imminent arrival of a giant hangover dish, it's obvious that she is at home here. As she explains:

"I've been to Dubai probably two or three times - the third one was a mash-up so it's a little bit hazy, but, yeah. I don't really go to West End-y, pop-bottles-y clubs - whereas here, I feel like everyone gets dressed to the nines and it's very glamourous."

It quickly becomes clear, however, that Jama isn't all about the lux lifestyle.

"I'm a woman about balance - so I like the fancy. Scatty by day, fancy by night," she jokes.

This perhaps explains her preference when it comes to hangover cooking.

Maya Jama hangover Maya Jama prefers greasy food on a hangover (Credit: Alamy/Bettina Strenske)

"You need the grease"

Jama is the first to admit, she often dodges a bullet when it comes to hangovers. She reveals:

"This is going to make me sound really smug, but I don't really get proper hangovers. I think if I get the full amount of sleep that I need, I'm alright. It's more like sleep deprivation than hangover."

However, even if you're as lucky as she is, sometimes we all need an epic hangover meal.

When she's picturing her ultimate hangover food, Jama looks back to her upbringing. As she explains it:

"I'm quite unhealthy in general... But, on a hangover, it feels like heaven in a mouthful. You need the grease and the breads and the butters."

Check out the full interview with Maya Jama here:

"My favourite ever hangover meal is a posh chicken shish kebab because it reminds me of when I first ever started drinking and I lived in Bristol. We'd go and do the walk home and go to a place called Rita's, which is the best kebab in the world.

"It's everything you need - lovely bit of bread, the chicken, garlic sauce, lettuce, I get it all in there. Except I'm not a fan of the gherkins.

"It just does the job. It ticks every box."

But, Jama also admits that food isn't the be-all and end-all. As she also made clear to us:

"Water saves everything."

chicken kebab We gave Maya Jama a posh chicken kebab (Credit: Twisted)

"Sand makes everything better"

It's not just food that dictates how well Jama's hangovers go. As she puts it:

"I've been hungover in many places - friends' sofas, corners of a bedroom, toilet, bathroom floor, but waking up in Dubai hungover... I feel like when it's sunny and you're hungover, it's not really the same thing.

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"So, you wake up and you're like, 'I'm new again'! So being hungover in Cove Beach, you've got the pool here, you've got the beach which is warm so you're having a nice little bath.

"And sand, sand makes everything better! You can even exfoliate if you want to... a scrapey situation."

Even if you feel like you can't survive without a kebab, there are clearly other effective remedies.