McDonald's has created a 'Kit Kat Ruby McFlurry', made with pink chocolate

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Provided that the machine isn’t broken, the McDonald’s McFlurry might just be the single most exciting thing to involve freezing since an architectural Inuit built the first igloo. Not only does it have the slippery, super smooth finish of liquid silk, but it also lends itself to being the base for any number of other delicious desserts. It takes something seriously special to be just as tasty mixed with mint as a Cadbury Creme Egg. 

As McDonald’s regulars will know, the McFlurry line-up has had a number of notable alterations over the years, almost always incorporating an already popular chocolate treat into the equation. However, a European outpost of the company has this year decided to try something a little different, introducing an alternative that turns the traditional blueprint on its head. 

Credit: McDonald's

In addition to the more traditional flavours, customers in Germany can get their hands on an all-new ‘Kit Kat Ruby’ McFlurry, made with bright pink chocolate and raspberry sauce. Even though Kit Kat McFlurries have been popular in several countries for many years, this is the first time that pink chocolate has been featured in the equation. 

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According to the description on the McDonald’s Germany website:

“Dark chocolate? You know. White chocolate? You know it too. Now it's time for something completely new: pink KitKat Ruby chocolate! Not only looks beautiful, it also tastes unique: McFlurry KitKat Ruby with raspberry sauce. Your new ice dream in pink! At McFlurry you can choose from 4 delicious toppings and 3 delicious sauces. Choose 2 or 3 favourite ingredients - 2 of which are included in the price.”

While it’s easy to assume that pink chocolate is the result of some funky and not altogether appetizing food dyeing, but there’s actually more to the colour than meets the eye. Introduced in 2017 by Swiss-Belgian chocolatiers Barry Callebaut, it is actually made from naturally occurring “ruby cocoa beans”. Here’s hoping the end result tastes as spectacular as it looks.

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