McDonald's is finally launching Spicy McNuggets

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To the excitement of everyone who has become bored of bland scraps of poultry, the world’s biggest fast-food business has announced plans to turn the nugget game on its head. For the first time ever in the United States, McDonald’s will be unleashing all-new spicy chicken McNuggets on the public, making the end of summer and inevitable descent into autumn slightly less miserable. 

The new treats, which are set to be the brand’s first new flavour since the now-iconic dish first hit menus in 1983, will be available from September 16th, and will even be accompanied by their own special sauce. 

As per a press release provided by the business, the new treats are described as:

“Breaded with a sizzling tempura coating made of both cayenne and chili peppers, these craveable, dippable and downright-delicious Spicy Chicken McNuggets are joining our classic McNugget line up, and pack plenty of spice and flavor into each bite.”

Watch what happened when a McDonald's truck crashed, carrying tonnes of chicken nuggets:

The new nugs will be paired with an exciting “Mighty Hot Sauce”, which has been labelled as “a powerful blend of crushed red peppers and spicy chilis.” According to Vice President of Menu Innovation, Linda VanGosen:

“This is the first time we’ve introduced a new flavor of our classic Chicken McNuggets in the U.S. since they came to menus in 1983. As our customers have been asking for Spicy McNuggets for some time now, we couldn’t think of a better time to bring them to our menus. We can’t wait for McNuggets fans to get a taste of these new spicy options.”

British McDonald’s fans will, of course, be aware that this isn’t the first time a spicy nug has been made available under the Golden Arches. In fact, we gave them a try ourselves when they debuted in the UK, the review of which can be read here. American Maccies lovers will be hoping that they live up to expectations now that they have crossed the pond.