McDonald's new blueberry cream cheese pie is stuffed with two tasty fillings

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There’s nothing better than biting into something delicious and getting even more than you bargained for. It’s the reason why the only sensible Domino’s order remains a stuffed crust and why the hidden peanuts packed inside a Reese’s cup are the glue that holds the whole treat together. Some things only become properly awesome after you’ve bitten into them. 

Like all successful fast food businesses, McDonald’s understands this principle better than most. Over the years, its menu has been dotted with duplicitous goodies, all designed to surprise and delight anyone lucky enough to eat one. Now, McDonald’s Malaysia has taken those lessons and unleashed a dessert that will leave millions asking, “Apple Pie, who?”

The new dish, dubbed the “Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie”, first appeared on menus and Instagram in mid-March and has had customers drooling ever since. Featuring a dual filling of rich cream cheese and sticky sweet blueberries, it follows in the footsteps of other popular items like “Strawberries and Creme”, while also treading new ground. 

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Even though the treats appear to be limited to Malaysia for the time being, the excitement over their release has been palpable all over the world. Commenting on a report about the pies, one Facebook user declared, “They’ve had this out before and stopped selling. Best pies ever!” Another added, “I want one where can i find them i love blueberry cheesecake.”

In fact, blueberry fans will be even more excited to discover that pies aren’t the only fruity-flavoured things on the menu. Best Products reports that McDonald’s Malaysia are also offering both a blueberry sundae and McFlurry, making Southeast Asia an even more alluring destination for blueberry lovers around the world. 

Even if now is not the opportune moment for an international fast food expedition, you can guarantee that the new-look McDonald’s Malaysia dessert menu has got fans everywhere drooling.