McDonald's to launch "Gold Card" loaded with a year's worth of free food

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A lifetime pass to the McDonald’s menu sounds more like a fast-food fantasy than something that could actually happen. In the great daydream-scape of unlikely but awesome occurrences, it’s right up there with winning the lottery and having a pet dinosaur. 

Well, get ready to collect your cash and house train your velociraptor. By the end of the month, the mythical McDonald’s Gold Card is going to become a reality for a few lucky customers. 

Set to be available as part of the brand’s annual “Monopoly” promotion, activity on McDonald’s social media suggests that the card will be available from March 25th. As per reporting by Metro, the cards will entitle holder to one free meal per week for an entire year. With 1000 allegedly available, it’s certainly worth getting excited about. 

As per multiple media reports, an official McDonald’s statement declared:

“It's official... gold is the new black. After years of requests, McDonald's is launching a VIP Gold Card... no Brit Award required."

The restaurant also added:

"The ONLY way you can get your hands on a McDonald's Gold Card is to play, if Stormzy and Ed Sheeran want to get one, they'll have to play Monopoly."

Watch As Friends Show Customers How To Score Free Food From McDonald's:

Anyone well versed in McDonald’s lore will know that the existence of the Gold Card has been debated for decades. At some point, celebrities as diverse as Rob Lowe, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have all been rumoured to have one, although confirmation has been difficult to come by. 

McDonald’s may have been prompted to jump on the VIP card bandwagon after a string of high street rivals introduced their own alternatives. Earlier this year, beloved bakery Greggs presented their first “Black Card” to award-winning grime artist Stormzy, while Nandos has issued a similar pass to singers Ed Sheeran and Example. 

Although any free food is worth celebrating, McDonald’s more egalitarian approach to distribution may make the Gold Card that much more valuable than its rivals.