McVitie's has launched three new flavours of chocolate Digestives

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In a snack world dominated by moreish biscuits, McVitie’s Digestives are the absolute kings. Despite competitors' best efforts, nothing else comes close to the sweet, savoury, dunking delight that is the classic malty, butterscotch brown bicky. Cookies, eat your heart out. 

Over the years, the traditional formula has been refined and expanded, to the point where hungry nibblers can enjoy everything from dark chocolate-coated to caramel-stuffed treats. Now, however, McVitie’s have decided to up the flavour ante even further - adding a whole new range of delicious strings to their bow. 

According to multiple sources across the internet, Digestives fans can now get their hands on three all-new flavours of biscuit, in the form of “Marmalade on Toast”, “Cherry Bakewell” and “Strawberries and Cream”. Each variety is also coated in chocolate, giving an extra incentive to sneak out a packet. 

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The news was broken by popular British Instagram account newfoodsuk, who shared a photo of the packaging with the accompanying caption:

“New @mcvitiesofficial Digestive Biscuits! Strawberries and cream, cherry bakewell and marmalade on toast! Wow! What a selection of biscuits! Can’t wait to try them all! ? thanks @iain.torley for the heads up!!”

Reaction to the news was predictably positive. One response read, “whoa, that’s a serious line up of flavours,” while another added. “Oooooh! I wish the strawberry and cream had white chocolate though.” 

Though the snap confirmed that the new Digestives can be bought in British supermarket Morrisons, the store has since gone on to state that they are not exclusive to them. This should, in theory at least, make them relatively easy to find for biscuit-made shoppers. 

Morrisons have also confirmed that the biscuits are retailing for just £1.50 a packet, making exciting tea breaks more affordable than ever. The three flavours might not be traditional, but they are certainly an exciting way to spice up your brew.