M&M's announces all-new Christmas sugar cookie flavour

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It might still be mid-summer, but it’s never too early to start fantasising about your favourite festive snacks. Even though the idea of stuffing yourself with roast turkey and Christmas pudding on a scorching hot July afternoon might sound like hell, there are a few seasonal treats that can still whet the appetite. Case in point, the latest offering from M&M’s. 

In a bid to get ahead of the rest of the Christmas candy competition, the Mars, Inc. subsidiary has unveiled an all-new white chocolate sugar cookie design. Based on the classic seasonal snack, the new chocolates will feature a hard outer shell and cookie exterior, making them ideal for anyone who simply cannot wait until December 25th to start stuffing their face. 

M&M’s recently teased fans about the festive release on their social channels, hinting: 

“We were feeling a little festive and got to work on something new. We can’t tell you yet, but we have a feeling the big guy in red will be a fan.”

News of the new sugar cookie design was finally confirmed in a series of press materials, in which the brand declared:

“With Christmas nostalgia in every bite, the seasonal must-have serves as a gooey, no-bake treat, and festive candy dish décor with red, green, and white lentils.”

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Although it might seem inappropriately early to start getting excited about something that won’t be widely available until at least November, multiple sources have claimed that you can actually get your hands on the new treats much sooner than you might expect. 

As per Delish and Best Products, you could be in with a chance of winning an exclusive first taste of the new treat if you comment under a special promotional post on M&M’s Twitter or Instagram, scheduled for July 25th. Christmas coming early might be a cliché, but this year it could actually happen for realsies.