Mountain Dew rumoured to be releasing 'Watermelon' as a permanent flavour

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Soft drink season might be coming to an end as we all gear up for a month of pumpkin spice lattes, but the doesn’t make news of a new Moutain Dew flavour any less exciting. 

Following in the footsteps of “Southern Shock”, “Raspberry Lemonade” and ominous-sounding “VooDew”, customers will soon be able to get their hands on a brand-new Watermelon-flavoured Dew drink. 

Set to drop at the start of 2021, “Major Melon” is slated to be a permanent addition to the Mountain Dew line-up according to a leaked image posted on Reddit. 

Although it’s difficult to know exactly how accurate the leaked information is, what has been made available will certainly excite melon-loving Dew fans. According to the photo, the combination has been identified as a “trending flavour” by the powers that be at the company.

To make matters even more exciting, the image suggests that the flavour will be released with “Super Bowl launch support” - suggesting that an advertising campaign will begin in earnest to coincide with the big game.

Reaction to the news has been almost universally positive from Dew fans. One Reddit commentor wrote, “I'm really looking forward to this!” Another added, “This looks soo good. Please be on amazon.” 

It also seems as though the melon flavour will also be made available in a sugar-free diet version - ideal for anyone who needs to watch their sugar intake. As one enthusiastic fan put it on Reddit:

“I’m super excited for it. Not just because I’m a Dew fan, and not just because I love watermelon, but also because I’m a diabetic and there’s no variety in the diet Dews. So I’m super happy that a new Zero Sugar flavor is arriving.”

2021 can’t come soon enough!