Movie theatre lets people bring their dogs and the $15 ticket includes bottomless wine

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Usually, if you want to enjoy watching a film with a glass of wine in your hand and sleeping puppy in your lap, you have to stay home. (Or get really good at sneaking things into the theatre.)

However, K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas allows dog-lovers to take their four-legged friends inside, plus the $15 tickets include bottomless wine (or four whiskeys). You can also bring snacks, for humans and dogs - Just don't get them mixed up in the dark!

Eric Garland, who has an Australian Eskimo named Bear, created the unique social events after noticing a huge gap in the dog-wine-movie market.

This woman went on live TV to try and prove her dog had become a vegetarian. She was left very embarrassed: 

Of course, there are a few rules. You can bring a second dog for $5, but no more than two. You have to clean up after your furry friend(s). And on your first visit, you must bring papers from your veterinarian stating your pooch has had the required vaccinations.

K9 Cinema opened in 2018 and does not show new film releases. Rather, they host themed nights and one-off events, like showing Elf during the holiday season and a recent screening of the Game of Thrones series finale. (I assume that scene with Jon and his direwolf, Ghost, brought all the dogs in attendance to tears.)

In fact, let's just relive that beautiful moment, shall we:

Plano, Texas is located about 25 miles north of Dallas. It might be worth the trip, for that magical combination of wine, dogs and a movie. I hope one day someone opens a theater where you can bring your pet alligator and take crystal meth!