"Mozzarella Dipper Pizza" is now a thing thanks to this restaurant

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Debating whether to add mozzarella dippers to your pizza order is a struggle that will be familiar to every takeaway lover. Justifying an extra £4.00 on six stringy sticks of cheesy goodness can be tricky if you're on a budget. Thankfully, one pizza parlour has decided to take the decision out of our hands. 

At Crazy Pedros, customers can forget about umming and ahhing over optional starters, and instead dive into a pie that delivers everything you could ever want from an overindulgent dinner. Included on their menu, which isn’t short of epic options, is a brand new pizza featuring sliced mozzarella dippers as a topping. 

Somewhat suggestively dubbed “Everybody Loves BJs”, the Manchester and Liverpool-based restaurant’s dish also includes “Spicy Chicken Bites”, “Ranch Dressing”, “Chives” and “HOTTER THAN THE SUN HOT SAUCE”, according to the Crazy Pedros Instagram account. 

Check out our recipe for a Sloppy Joe Cheesesteak Pizza Volcano:

The dish itself has been created to honour the restaurant’s neighbouring bar, Bunny Jackson’s, although it might as well represent the ultimate beige buffet. Available both as a complete pie and by the slice, every bite is basically an entire Iceland order, rolled into one. 

Though the new pizza is definitely eyecatching, it’s by no means the only intriguing item on the menu. Also included are the “KFC” - with sriracha fried chicken, kimchi slaw, red chillies, spring and red onions; the “Chippy Tea” - with sausages, chips, mushy peas and curry sauce; and the vegan “Can’t Cook, Won’t Cluck” - made with ‘Not’ Chicken Nuggets, potato waffles, beans, red and brown sauce. Clearly, Pedro’s isn’t afraid to push the boat out. 

Some might argue that adding anything to a dish like pizza is asking for trouble. Purists may say that deep-frying cheese before using it as a topping is liable to cause a riot in Naples. Judging by the delicious-looking photos of the Everybody Loves BJs, experimentation isn’t always a terrible idea.