M&S has launched pink raspberry Passion Star Martini in a can

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If, like me, you’re both a fan of drinks at the fruitier end of the menu and incredibly lazy, there are few things more glorious than a cocktail in a can. Granted, a preprepared blend of dubious G&T isn’t going to set the world alight. But when you’re sat sweltering on a West Coast train or dangling in a paddling pool, a chilly tin is pure perfection. 

As masters of the cocktail can, British supermarket M&S have been setting the tone for summer for decades. Usually, they stick to the more conservative part of the cocktail list. This year, however, the powers that be have decided to up the ante and offer customers an all-new, almost indescribably awesome-sounding pink passion star martini. Cue drooling.

Retailing for just £2 per 300ml can, the new drink is actually a riff on a popular drink first sold back in 2018 - the difference being the raspberry-inflected pink twist. According to the description of the product on M&S’ official Instagram page:

“Our INFAMOUS Passion Star Martini has had a cheeky Summer makeover and a pink version joins the popular range! ?It’s the same delicious cocktail, but with a fruity twist of raspberry, which blends perfectly with the passion fruit and vanilla (think raspberry ripple ice cream!)”

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Understandably, given the popularity of their previous Passion Star Martini, reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly positive. One Instagram user commented, “another one to add to the list,” while another added, “literally can’t wait.”

Featuring “Raspberries, passionfruit, vanilla flavouring…(and) two measures of vodka”, this drink pretty much confirms that summer can’t come soon enough.