Nashville restaurant offers a craft beer, doughnut and hot dog pairing menu

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If overindulging in alcohol and pastry sounds like your sort of afternoon, The Donut + Dog in Nashville, Tennessee needs to be on your bucket list. Thought drinks pairings were a pretentious way to coax a few extra quid out of you at a fancy eatery? Think again. If ever there was a combo that proves food and drink belong together, this is surely it. 

Widely acclaimed as offering some of the most delicious doughnuts in the United States, The Donut + Dog is much more than your typical junk food stop off. Praised by the likes of Good Morning America and Reader’s Digest, the small artisanal kitchen has quickly built a reputation that belies its size. One look at the menu and it's easy to see why. 

As its name suggests, doughnuts are the star of the show. The menu features 16 specially crafted “20-hour” brioche buns, featuring outrageous flavour combinations like “guava, cream cheese and Italian buttercream,” and, “bourbon maple glaze, applewood smoked bacon and pecan brittle.” To make matters even more exciting, the restaurant will “pair it all with...award-winning draft craft beer!” See you in Tennessee.

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As if the sweet and satisfying combination of doughnuts and beer wasn’t enough, the restaurant goes one step further, with some of the most outrageous burgers in the state. Featuring buns made from the kitchen’s legendary doughnuts, the sticky savoury brioche burgers are filled with everything from fried eggs, beef patties, smashed avocado and basil-sriracha aioli. 

Of course, it isn’t just OTT burger and alcohol that have helped put The Donut + Dog on the map. Also included are an enviable array of brioche bun-based hot dogs, such as the Mexican street corn-loaded “Elote Loco” and the bacon-wrapped “Chilli and Beer cheese”. These come with your choice of egg, chips or fries and are, of course, available with a beer pairing. 

In a fast-food world where we’re all used to formulaic soft drinks, it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of other tasty ways to wash down your dinner. It might be slightly pricier than a large Coke, but who’s going to complain if you can get drunk with your doughnuts?