New Starburst's Swirlers combine lemon, orange, cherry and strawberry flavours in one candy

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Like most sweeties, the only downside of a Starburst is that it’s over too soon. Obviously, something so deliciously sugary is best enjoyed in moderation, but that doesn’t mean that the minuscule fruity squares aren’t still slightly disappointing. Fortunately, a solution has arrived. 

Clearly determined to make an effort to last as long as possible, the powers that be at Starburst’s headquarters have come up with a brand new approach to snacking. Instead of tiny cubes, the fruit gum specialists have branched out, offering customers all-new multi-flavoured fruit tubes. Say goodbye to speedy sweet eating - Starburst Swirlers are here. 

Available now at several prominent retailers, the new candies combine two classic Starburst flavours in one tube. According to popular Instagrammer SnackBetch, “The flavour combos are strawberry-orange, cherry-lemon, & cherry-strawberry,” and are described as “awesome” and “10/10”.

As you might expect with the arrival of a new Starburst on the sweet scene, the internet is extremely excited. One commenter enthusiastically asked, “Wait they come in individual packs inside the pack? How cool. Where'd you find them?” Another added, “Yes yes I need all 3 flavours”.

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Others revealed that the mash-up approach has been tried and tested among Starburst-lovers for years. As one explained:

“So I literally do this with my starburst. A little “germy” perhaps... I take the flavors I want to mix and roll them between my palms to make a combo “log”.... thanks starburst, another workout taken away. You just make it to easy.”

Although SnackBetch claims to have already found the new sweets at Walmart, Starburst themselves have been slightly coyer around the announcement. In a post on their official Instagram account last year, the brand revealed that the sweets weren’t slated for release until “April 2020”. Here’s hoping they’re dropping early everywhere.