New 'Sweetcorn' Pringles taste just like buttery corn on the cob

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Few side dishes are both as indulgent and irritating as corn on the cob. Unlike most of the elements in a summer barbecue, corn is deceptively tricky to tackle. Plump yellow kernels, running with rivulets of melted butter might look gorgeous in a photo, but the experience quickly descends into sticky chaos as soon as you start eating. To convert the unconvinced, the corn on the cob lobby need a way to make their product seem more straightforward. 

Thankfully for anyone who has been singing the praises of the divisive dish, an unlikely ally has emerged. Promising to combine the indisputably delicious taste of buttery corn with the ease of a bag of crisps, new limited edition ‘Sweetcorn’ Pringles could help catapult corn cobs back to the top of the tree. 

The new snacks, which have appeared on several prominent Instagram accounts, feature “Neon Yellow” potato chips, according to one reviewer, and are available exclusively at Walgreens stores, as per Candy Hunting. 

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Despite the snack’s odd appearance and limited availability, early reviews have been compellingly positive. According to Instagrammer @i_need_a_snack:

“...the taste is also spot on and it isn’t really a sweet corn on the cob flavor as it is more of a sweet cup of corn flavor that you would get at a restaurant! That sweet and rich flavor from the butter along with the fresh corn itself, and as strange as you may think this sounds it really works well! Overall I love this Pringles chip flavor, I couldn’t eat it everyday but it sure is a great occasional snack! 8.5/10”

Following the flood of positive reviews, most of the internet seems interested in giving the chips a try. @snackchat on Instagram added, “Sweetcorn is my fave!!! When I saw this the stick of corn I was chewing fell right outta my shocked open jaw,” while another user commented, “being from the midwest, i feel like i’m obligated to try these”. It might initially sound like a slightly surprising combination, but the people have clearly shouted their approval.