New York "Bacon Bar" serves Kentucky-fried bacon "nuggets"

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If you don’t like nuts or crisps, bar snacks can be a little underwhelming. While there’s no shame in tucking into a salty bag of KP’s or crunching your way through some pork scratchings, there’s no doubt that these dishes lack the finesse of other edible options. 

But, before you totally disregard the rich tapestry of bar-based nibbles, there is at least one restaurant that is determined to prove that the genre isn’t always as boring as it seems. In the right hands, it turns out that bar food can be just as delicious as anything else on offer. 

As its name implies, BarBacon in New York is not a piggy knock off of the famous performing arts centre in the City of London, but a foodie haven dedicated to all things porcine. Alongside cocktails, wines and craft beers, the kitchen boasts a collection of snacks that would make even the snootiest restaurateurs weep with jealousy. Chief among these are the indescribably awesome Kentucky-fried bacon bites. 

Check out these mind-blowing bacon hacks:

Dedicated their own special subsection on the BarBacon menu, the bites are a triumph of overindulgence. To make them, cured belly bacon is sliced thickly, leaving inch-thick wedges of marbled pork meat, before being panéed and deep-fried to a golden crisp.

The resulting nuggets are then served in one of three separate sauces: Thai Chilli Honey with Bread and Butter Pickles; Hot Buffalo Sauce and Bacon Blue Cheese Ranch; or Spicy Sesame General Tso and Broccoli. At just $16 a serving, you might be best off sampling all three - just to be on the safe side. 

While the bacon bites understandably steal the headlines, they aren’t the only source of excitement on offer. Also available are “Beer and Bacon Flights” that allow customers the chance to sample a range of different drinks and nibbles for $25, as well as an entire list of “Bacon Cocktails”. Eating meat might be increasingly unfashionable, but clearly the message hasn’t yet reached New York.