New York pizzeria serves 'the world's biggest pizza slice'

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Normally, if you opt for pizza by the slice, it’s because you want to retain some semblance of restraint, rather than just wolfing down the entire pie. Whether or not this is ever a reasonable excuse not to order as much delicious food as possible is up for debate. 

What is clear, however, is that a pizza slice isn’t always a byword for temperance and can be just as awesomely OTT as the most decadent of whole pizzas. This is especially true if you happen to be cruising the streets of Yonkers, New York with a cheesy, doughy hole that needs to be filled. 

Proving that something can still be delicious even if you can’t hold it properly, Pizza Barn is a local favourite that specialises in the extreme. Although the menu does feature the usual Italian American accoutrement of thin-crust pizza, garlic knots and thick-set tomato breads, it also delivers what’s claimed to be the “world’s biggest pizza slice”. One look at the photo evidence, and it’s hard to argue anything to the contrary. 

Check out our giant cheese-steak stuffed beetroot pizza slice:

Available with an array of bold and unusual toppings, the giant slices measure a whopping two feet in length and require an extensive training period just to be able to lift them off the plate. Popular options include a pepperoni covered with so many angry red disks that it looks like it was suckered by an angry squid. 

Also included is an absurdly decadent ranch-coated fried chicken and waffle pizza, as well as a penne-alla-vodka topped speciality that looks like the end result of an experiment to pile all of nonna’s best recipes into one plate. Whatever your preference for whacky pies, Pizza Barn has got you covered. 

Sometimes, ordering pizza is a response to a deep desire to indulge in the familiar. To that end, something that isn’t round and tomatoey might not fit the bilk. If, however, you do find yourself wanting to push the boat out, this eccentric eatery on the banks of the Hudson will definitely fit the bill.