New York restaurant has donated over 800 pounds of chicken nuggets

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“Comfort Food” often gets short shrift. While it isn’t always advisable to overindulge, there are times when seeking support through something tasty should be encouraged. This is true, regardless of whether you’re doing the eating or the serving. 

Proving that comfort food’s value is about much more than personal enjoyment, New York City-based fast-food favourite “The Nugget Spot” has provided a ray of sunshine in what’s been a dark week for the hospitality sector. Before being forced to close its doors, the restaurant decided to cook up an epic batch of nuggets for local food initiatives, donating over 800 pounds of leftover chicken to those in need. 

In a post shared on Wednesday, the restaurant’s owner Jason Hairston revealed:

“Sorry NUG lovers, but today will be our last day open as we ride out this COVID-19 situation. We tried to make it happen, but between the costs to keep the shop open and delivery services like @Seamless, @Grubhub, @UberEats & others not helping out by lowering or waiving fees - we simply cannot.”

Watch our recipe for Buffalo Halloumi Nuggets:

He went on to add: 

“We truly appreciate all of your support, and can't wait to be servin' you NUGS again real soon. At the end of today, anything remaining at the restaurant will be going to our friends over @CityHarvestNYC. Stay healthy and safe everyone, check back for updates soon.”

In a series of further posts to the restaurant’s Instagram page, the restaurant was seen cooking up and donating the enormous batch of nugs to initiatives including the Bowery Residents Committee and City Harvest - an organisation dedicated to rescuing food that would otherwise go to waste. 

As per a report by Insider, included on the menu were several of The Nugget Spot’s most creative dishes, including Cap’n Crunch-coated nugs and “Skinny Nugs” coated in Cajun seasoning. It might be an uncertain time for the industry, but it’s still heartwarming to see something so positive come out of this crisis.