Newlyweds can now get wedding cakes made from instant noodles

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One of the most anticipated parts of any couple's big day is, of course, the wedding cake. And if you've seen any wedding shows, you'll know that many couples delight in sampling cake after cake before deciding on a favorite.

But, bizarrely, for some, that favorite just so happens to be a wedding cake made from instant noodles.

The only thing that might be worse is having your spouse accidentally hit you with a champagne cork: 

Yes, you read that right. Noodle cake. It looks as bizarre as it sounds, too, taking the form of a traditional wedding cake adorned with flowers and other niceties. Only instead of being sweet, they are savory.

These unusual wedding cakes are made by the company Tot Aw, which reimagines a number of traditional desserts using Mi Goreng. The company name is short for "totally awesome", and they use Indomie noodles to create their towered cakes.

However, that's not all, they also provide a host of Indonesian foods as part to create a wedding menu with a twist.

The company is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, where people regularly order their unusual towered cakes for weddings and birthdays. Tot Aw had initially planned to become a donut company before it began to create noodle-based cakes.

The company explained that the got the idea from Indonesian moms who would fill their kids' lunchboxes up with so much Indomie that it seemed to mold into a cake-like shape.

Tot Aw's customers can choose from a number of toppings for the cakes, which typically require as many as 17 packets of instant noodles to make, as per the Metro.

The café's co-owner and chef, Erwin, told The Jakarta Post: "The first [topping] is taken from our spicy rice menu, such as shredded chicken, salted cuttlefish and meatballs.

"The second topping is beef cornet and melted cheese."

The cakes are designed to feed between eight and ten people, and they are a total steal, costing just Rp 140,000 ($10.16).

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