Olive Garden is now serving Parmesan Alfredo-crusted sirloin steak

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Purists will argue that adding anything to steak is a bad idea. Provided you’re eating something that’s been properly looked after and prepared, big flavours can easily detract from what was already delicious before you started meddling. After all, there’s nothing wrong with simplicity.

On the other hand, there are occasions when listening to sensible advice is the last thing on your mind. Even if the resulting clusterf*ck tastes like a noisy mess, it can still be worth throwing caution to the wind and ordering something that sounds aggressively awesome. It is during times like these when you should consider Olive Garden’s Parmesan Alfredo-crusted steak.

Credit: Olive Garden

In what might be the least convincing Italian mash-up since Nicholas Cage’s accent in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, everyone’s favourite pasta and breadstick spot has decided to really push the boat out with its newest steak dish. Featuring two layers of parmesan cheese and Alfredo sauce, it’s definitely got more going on than a classic steak tartare. 

Along with the unusual sauce combination, each 6-oz piece of sirloin is served with a tasty side of "authentically" Italian fettuccine alfredo with broccoli. Who says steak, pasta and green veg don’t belong together all in the same mouthful? 

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In even more exciting news for the chain’s many meat-loving customers, Olive Garden also announced the return of a beloved fan favourite. As well as the Parmesan Alfredo steak, the restaurant is re-releasing its gorgonzola-topped sirloin, after “responding to fan feedback”, according to Chewboom.

Clearly, slathering your steak in two different varieties of cheese sauce is unlikely to endear you to anyone who prefers their food to be on the delicate side. But, despite all evidence to the contrary, sometimes you need your dinner to give you a salty slap across the face. In these situations, thank God we have Olive Garden.