"Pancake Boards" are the internet's favourite new food trend

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Depending on who you ask, putting food on boards is either the definition of cool, communal dining, or the most irritating thing to happen to food since unicorn bagels. You don’t have to spend much time perusing the internet to discover whole communities of people committed to banning anything that isn’t a plate from the dinner table. 

But, despite the best efforts of the pro-plate community, there is little sign that boards are going anywhere. Recently, the internet has been inundated with board-based trends ranging from French fries to fruit. Now, a new fad has arrived to annoy the world’s plate lovers even more. 

All over Instagram, trendsetting bloggers and influencers are going to town on new pastry-based boards, creating increasingly elaborate platters of pancakes. Decorated with toppings as diverse as chocolate drops, sprinkles and bacon, these boards are both blending sweet and savoury and pushing the buttons of anyone who refuses on principle to serve food on wood.

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Although many of the most popular pictures of pancake boards have come from personal accounts, it looks like businesses are also butting in on the trend. The Merry Tree restaurant, for instance, is currently offering a pancake-themed sharing board as part of their Valentine’s Day celebrations, featuring maple syrup, cream and peanut butter for just $15.95. 

However, not everyone is on board with the idea. Several commentators have pointed out that cold pancakes, coated in equally cold, sticky toppings might not necessarily make for the best breakfast in bed. Despite this, it’s hard to argue with the array of Instagram-friendly arrangements that some cooks have been able to come up with. 

Even if you aren’t totally sold on the pancake board plan, there’s no doubt that the designs make a serious statement. If you’re looking to make an impression this Valentine’s Day, there is at least one relatively simple way to make a grand gesture. Nothing says “Happy V Day” like a mountain of batter and bacon.