PBR has just released a 'Hard Coffee' with alcohol and caffeine

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Pabst Blue Ribbon have been making various new alcoholic products lately, branching out into some new ventures. Just this year we heard the news that they're releasing beer with a higher alcohol level, a non-alcoholic version, and even their own whiskey.

Now, it looks like PBR are getting into the coffee game with Hard Coffee. Their latest way method of attracting customers is due out this month, with the first testing taking place in a select few locations in the US on July 1. These drinks are both caffeinated and full of alcohol, the best of both worlds for a lot of us.

The announcement of the new drink refers to it as "among the first of its kind in the industry," and it's definitely a strange combination. Made with Robusta and Arabica coffee beans along with "rich, creamy American milk", as well as a handy little vanilla infusion.

John Newhouse, brand manager for PBR, said of the new experiment:

"Pabst Blue Ribbon has always been a brand that pushes boundaries and celebrates those who experiment and try new things.  Hard Coffee is an opportunity for us to pioneer a delicious and fun new drink, and give America something unique. We hope everyone loves it as much as we do."

The new Hard Coffee will be rated at 5% ABV, which is pretty standard for beer. The 100 to 150 mgs of caffeine in there is a little less standard, but the same typical amount found in a cup of coffee, for you caffeine addicts out there.

"Can honestly say it’s better than normal PBR," one user wrote on beer rating site Untappd - one of 160 reviews that gave it an average score of 4.2 out of 5.

It will be tested first across five states, including:  Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maine, Florida, and Georgia. If you want to find out whether they're selling some near your home, you can look it up on the PBR's website's store locator.

This article was originally published on vt.co